RILEM Spring Convention
06 -10 march-2023
4th International Congress on Materials & Structural Stability
08 -10 march-2023
Faculty of Science, Mohammed V University in Rabat Morocco

Welcome in Morocco, a millennial country



The impact of building materials on the environment has been widely proven and can only be evaluated in a multi‐criteria manner. Today there are no highly recognized and precise reference standards for setting thresholds for defining what is an "eco‐material", or an "ecological product" or a "good product for ecological construction". These are intermediate or semi‐finished products associated with recycling materials and known products in the construction sector, which are intended to be incorporated in a building. The design of the building as a whole, including a judicious choice of building processes and products will achieve the expected environmental performance.

The purpose of the RILEM Spring Convention-CMSS2023 is to bring together world‐renowned specialists and to highlight the results of research carried out in the field of materials and structural stability by Rilem's technical committees and academic participants from all continents. For five days, Rilem's technical committees will meet and discuss their specific and current topics. Five rooms will be used to hold meetings and parallel sessions. The large amphitheater will also be dedicated to this event and to the holding of the 4th edition of the international congress on materials and structural stability. For tree days, about twenty plenary conferences and keynotes and about a hundred oral communications will be programmed. Posters will be displayed on digital screens throughout the event days.

The main theme that will be discussed during this edition:
“Appropriate choice of environmentally eco friendly processes and materials for expected environmental building performance”


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